About Us

About Xaymaca Coffee Traders™

As a distributor of world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Xaymaca Coffee Traders™ recognizes public awareness for first-class products and welcomes the discerning consumer who shares that admiration. We provide the specialty coffee market with Clifton Mount Estate and Clydesdale Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees which are grown within select regions on the Southern slopes of the Blue Mountain range in Jamaica. Check out our gift packages, or our Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica certified green coffee beans in wooden barrels!

In addition to Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, our online store also features some of the world’s most-liked gourmet coffees from the growing regions within Africa and South America, and for those of us who prefer the delight of a flavored coffee, we have created a Misty Morning blend of some scintillating brews for your palate’s pleasure.

Wicked Jack’s rum cakes which is a unique complementary dessert for a specialty coffee is simply…to die for! Home-made using grandma’s special recipe, the cakes are splashed with the best of Jamaican rums, giving them a ’wicked’ flavor that is definitely not to be missed!||