Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Facts

World famous Jamaican coffee has commanded the admiration of coffee connoisseurs throughout the world since the mid-18th century. Shipments of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee then commanded premiums of several thousand English pounds per ton.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee experience integrates a cup of exceptional balance with an exotic and intense aroma, along with an intricate range of flavor notes which may include a subtle hint of spice and chocolate.

Our coffee is cultivated at altitudes ranging from 3,500 to 4,500ft in the mist-covered Blue Mountain coffee region of Jamaica. The specialty coffee world recognizes that Arabica Coffee produces a far superior cup, and in the Jamaican coffee industry this is the species of choice.

Xaymaca Coffee Traders™ brings you Clifton Mount Single Estate and Clydesdale JBM coffees which embody the micro-climates of the Blue Mountains, that is - its balance of sunshine and shade, its rich volcanic-based soil, unique rainfall distribution and the surrounding flora and cool temperatures - which combine to offer superb conditions for the slow maturation of the coffee cherries. This slow maturation process stimulates the development of the flavor-enhancing compounds which contribute to the unique qualities of the Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee cup.